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WE ARE Family Workshop - History

At Penwortham, History teaching focuses on 5 key elements:

  •  Society and settlement
  • Activities, beliefs and culture
  • Where, When and what?
  • Causes, change and consequences
  • Significant People

Each history topic starts with an engaging entry point and a big question which inspires children’s curiosity to know more about the past and to ask perceptive questions.

During the History workshop, children had the opportunity to participate in an entry point lesson with their parents. We focussed on evaluating and analysing artifacts. We used our current History knowledge to infer what the artifacts hidden in the sand might be and what time period it may have come from before the big reveal! To end our workshop, the children were given the opportunity to dress up as a significant person. 

The structure of the workshop was designed to give parents an understanding of what History lessons look like at Penwortham. 

Parents and children were able to collaborate to draw the artifacts into their archaeologist booklet and make predictions/ ask questions. The families were able to take home their final archaeologist booklets and pictures of the children dressed as historical figures to reflect on their experience.