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Penwortham Reasoning Questions

Use these question roots in class to help deepen children's understanding

True or False

e.g. All multiples of 3 are odd numbers, true or false? Why?

Spot the Mistake

e.g.  1,3,5,8,9 Where is the mistake? Can you correct the mistake?

Always. Sometimes. Never

It is always, sometimes or never true that the difference between two odd numbers is odd ?

 Possible Answers

e.g. A number added to 5 equals a prime number. What could the number be?

Convince me

e.g. Convince me that a square is not a triangle.

 Hard and Easy Questions

e.g. Which questions are hard/easy? 323+10=,393+10=,284+10= Explain why you think they are hard/easy.

 Making Links

e.g. 7 x 8 =56. How can you use this fact to solve these calculations - 0.7 x 0.8 = ,5.6