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All sorts of things can happen when you’re open to new ideas and playing around with things. - Stephanie Kwolek (Chemist who invented Kevlar and winner of the Lavoisier Medal for technical achievements)


Our vision is to nurture the natural curiosity of pupils through practical science rooted in exploration and explanation.  Teaching and learning is underpinned by the Penwortham 5 key principles for science: ask questions, take risks, explore, explain, reflect.

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What children say about Science at Penwortham

I feel really proud of the science we do here. 

 Year 6 pupil

It was cool explaining how wind turbines work.  It was funny because usually parents teach us but this was the other way around!

Year 3 pupil (speaking about the Science Showcase after science week)


After the electrical use survey, we ran a campaign and left messages on teachers’ desks asking them to switch electrics off.

Year 4 pupil

Science is my favourite subject.  We do lots of practical work in groups which makes lessons more fun and memorable.

 Year 6 pupil

We always have lots of pictures in science so it’s not just all words.  That’s good because I get it more then.  When it’s just words, It can be tricky for me.

Year 2 pupil 

I’m a mixed race girl and I’m proud that when we research scientists, we learn about people from different cultures.

Year 5 pupil

Science Week


Recent recognition of science at Penwortham:


“There was never a more important time for primary children to have a high-quality science education. The Coronavirus Pandemic has made everyone aware of the impact of science on our daily lives.  Primary schools have an important role to ensure that children understand how science works and keeps us healthy and safe. Schools that have achieved a Primary Science Quality Mark have demonstrated a significant commitment to science teaching and learning, even at this challenging time for schools.  The profile and quality of science in each awarded school is very high. Children are engaging with great science both in and outside the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards science as well as secure scientific understanding and skills. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, head teachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”

Associate Professor Jane Turner PSQM Director