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RHE and Wellbeing

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Dr. Seuss


Our vision is to nurture self-confident and self-aware pupils who are ready to succeed in secondary school.

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What do the children learn and when?

Our wellbeing curriculum is all about the pupil’s personal development throughout their time at Penwortham. The relationships and health part of the curriculum (RHE) is taught in the classroom in our wellbeing sessions, science, P.E., computing, in the playground and also in our assemblies. If pupils require additional support, interventions by our ELSA team and Place2Be are offered. 

Please note - PSCHE (Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health education) has not been replaced with RHE.  

To find out more about our RHE curriculum, policy and consultation, please click this link.

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How do we teach RHE?

The Relationship and Health Education curriculum (RHE) is delivered alongside our school’s well-being offering. Since becoming statutory, we have reviewed our lesson structure to ensure it both meets the RHE objectives as well as the specific needs of each class.

In the classroom, well-being lessons are talk-based and are more informal than other lessons so as to encourage an open forum for discussion. Our lessons are underpinned by the JIGSAW program of study but are adapted to respond to the needs of the class. Termly well-being surveys are undertaken to ensure that the well-being needs are identified and these needs are then woven into the hourly well-being session each class enjoys.

The objectives of each session are delivered in a creative manner via: drama, discussion of scenarios, through talk partners, books, images, videos or even specialist presenters.

Pupils work together to achieve a collaborative outcome. Outcomes are recorded in the class's own well-being journey journal that features our strapline – It’s all about me and you’. This is a scrapbook style book that will follow them all the way through the school so they can always refer back to any aspects of their well-being learning if the need arises. It sits in the book corner so that pupils can access it at any time.

Some aspects of the RHE curriculum are delivered in other subjects e.g. healthy eating in science and online safety in computing. To ensure all pupils understand that all subjects can support their well-being, stickers that feature the subject title and the strapline – ‘It’s all about me and you’ - are placed next to any well-being focused work.

For those children who have been identified as needing some additional support with an aspect of their wellbeing, a range of interventions and resources are available.  These interventions are delivered by trained staff from our ELSA team and also in partnership with Place2Be.

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