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Parent School

Parent School is our training programme throughout the year for parents/carers. We will update you on any events for parents happening in school and you can sign up to attend. 

 Feedback from our workshops this year

Phonics workshop for EYFS and KS1

The most useful part of this training session was:

"the understanding of phonics and how the sounds are used to build words.  How to identify /ae/ the sound in the text.  We can confidently start practising this at home.

A very useful workshop to engage parents.  Thank you"

"The most useful part of this training session was learning to build words and identifying the sounds of words.  It was fantastic.  Thank you so much for taking the time.  An excellent session."

"The most useful part of this training session was understanding the various teaching methods used to teach phonics.  This is a great initiative and as parents, we really appreciate being involved in this."

"The most useful part of this training session was learning the sounds of some of the letters commonly mispronounced.  I t was useful to have these workshops to understand how you teach and are able to support your child at home."

Maths workshop for EYFS parents

The most useful parts were:

"New ideas of games and diffrent things to try at home. Thanks so much."

"Seeing the sorts of activities they do in class. Maths related books and commenting not questioning."

"To know about different ways to understand maths and to practise at home - really helpful."

"Bringing maths into physical play wasn't something I had thought about before."

"Maths is not taught, it's caught!"

"Ways to use maths around the home and outdoors."