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Year 2 animations

During the IPC unit, The Stories People Tell, pupils in Year 2 created 'stop motion' animations to retell some of the famous Greek myths. Below are examples of the pupil's work.

Odysseus - 2B

Odysseus and the Cyclops - 2C

Theseus and the Minotaur - 2L

Troy - 2B


Birds of Prey Display

To celebrate the official opening of our new Reception block, children in KS2 were visited by a bird of prey demonstration. The children were given a talk about the different birds and then went to the playground to watch the birds in action. Some pupils were even lucky enough to particpate in the display. 

Birds of Prey Come to Penwortham

Penwortham's Ballet Rombert performance

Nursery children meet the newly hatched chicks.