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Imagine what everyday life would be like in a society in which no one knew any history. Imagination boggles, because it is only through knowledge of history that a society can have knowledge of itself - Arthur Marwick, The Nature of History


History at Penwortham provides a high-quality education that helps pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past to create a better tomorrow. 

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Black History at Penwortham

2020-21 Theme: Black British Heroes Take a look at our end of topic, whole school exhibition!

2021-22 Theme: Celebrating Diversity in our curriculum 

This year our theme is around diversity in our curriculum. Each year the group has chosen an inspirational figure to explore and learn about. Virtual library coming soon! 


Year 1 - The First Flight

Year 2 - Mary Seacole

Year 3 - The Mayan Civilisation

Year 4 - The Ancient Greeks, The Romans and The Kingdom of Benin

Year 5 The USA civil rights

Year 6- Windrush

What children say about art at Penwortham

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