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Imagine what everyday life would be like in a society in which no one knew any history. Imagination boggles, because it is only through knowledge of history that a society can have knowledge of itself -

Arthur Marwick, The Nature of History


History at Penwortham provides a high-quality education that helps pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past to create a better tomorrow. 

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What do children learn and when?

The history curriculum has been sequenced progressively to support the delivery of the national curriculum as a starting point.  Teaching sequences cover all statutory content and beyond ensuring our history curriculum reflects and celebrates our diverse school community

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Click here for the key knowledge Autumn 1

How do we teach history?

At Penwortham we aim to provide high-quality history education which will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past in Britain and the wider world.

 Each history topic starts with an engaging entry point and a big question which inspires children’s curiosity to know more about the past and to ask perceptive questions.

 Teaching sequences focus on five key elements:

Throughout the topic, children are given the opportunity to: handle artefacts, question the reliability of various sources, take part in workshops and trips to further enrich their learning and make connections between current and prior learning.

Sequences of learning culminate in an exit point activity which summarises and showcases key learning. Additionally pupils will return to the enquiry question posed at the start of the unit and confidently answer using their new knowledge and the appropriate language.  Click here to access our whole school vocabulary glossary.

To further deepen the children’s learning, our English curriculum features a range of texts that compliment our history topics. Click here to learn more.  Cross-curricular learning opportunities are also made in other subjects whenever appropriate.

Student leaders work closely with teachers to ensure learning is relevant, engaging and aspirational at Penwortham.  They have regular meetings with teaching staff to review our history curriculum and suggest possible improvements.

So far we have:

  • Prepared and delivered assemblies for remembrance day
  • Assisted in creating a pupil voice questionnaire
  • Conducted the pupil voice to see how children at our school feel about history
  • Suggested possible next steps to further improve history teaching at Penwortham.

Our learning

History in action

Black History at Penwortham

2022-23 Theme: Time for change: action not words:

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2020-21 Theme: Black British Heroes - Take a look at our end of topic, whole school exhibition!

2021-22 Theme: Celebrating Diversity in our curriculum - See what everyone got up to this year.

We are curriculum showcase:

Our family workshops are an opportunity to share our WE AR curriculum with you and to give you first hand experience of the knowledge, skills and activities your child/ren will explore as they move through the school during their learning journey click here for more information

Autumn Term Entry and Exit Points

Here are slides showing History entry and exit points for last term. 

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