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Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future  - Michael Palin


Geography prepares pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of the world around them, both locally and globally.  This will support them to architect our future societies and sustainable environments. 

To learn more about our vision for geography please click the image below: 

What do the children learn and when?

Please click the image below to see our progression map which is where the knowledge, skills and experiences from the National Curriculum have been carefully sequenced.  Decisions have been made to ensure that pupils receive a rich and diverse geography curriculum reflective of their own backgrounds.

How do we teach geography?

At Penwortham we aim to provide a high-quality geography education which will equip the children with the knowledge about the world around them and its people, together with the skills to actively fight to ensure the planet flourishes.

Each Geography topic starts with an engaging entry point and a big question which inspires children’s curiosity to know more about the topic and to ask perceptive questions.  Teaching sequences build on this curiosity and interest with a focus on five key principles:

Throughout the topic, children are given the opportunity to use globes, explore atlases, use compasses, look into a range of images from the present and past and take part in workshops and trips to further support learning. Each classroom contains a globe that shows previous topics and places they have learnt throughout their time at Penwortham. Pupils are able to add current topics or places to identify and make links between topics.

To conclude a topic, students will take part in an exit point which summarises key learning alongside answering the enquiry question posed at the beginning of the unit.

Geography student leaders work closely with teachers to ensure learning is relevant, engaging and aspirational at Penwortham. They meet regularly with teaching staff to help review and improve our geography curriculum.

“We are proud to be Geography leaders and we can’t wait to help progress the subject in Penwortham Primary School”

 “We are so excited to pass on our love of Geography to younger children at Penwortham.”

Our learning

This is what the children think of Geography at Penwortham:

Click below to see our whole school sustainability topic. 

Year 1 - Environmental Protest

Year 2 - Oceans and Rivers Pollution

Year 3 - Palm Oil - Save the Orangutans

Year 4 - Sri Lanka Eco Tourism


Year 5 - End Plastic Waste

Year 6 - Presentations on human effects on our planet