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What do I need to remember to bring to school ?

Q1: What do I need to remember  to bring to school ?


Packed Lunch

Water Bottle

Coat if appropriate for weather

PE kit

 What are the Opening Hours ,  lunch times and term dates ?

  Q2 : When does the school open and when is lunch time  ?


Find our school day timings and lunch times here 

Q3: When are the school holidays / Term dates ?


 Term Dates

Q4: Can I take my child on holiday during term time ?


The short answer is No. Attending school is a compulsory obligation that parents must adhere to and therefore you should avoid taking your child out of school. If you wish to have a special case considered then you are required to complete a request for leave of absence form which can be requested from the school office. 

The school has a policy around attendance where full details of the requirements and penalties can be found.

Attendance policy 

What should I put in my child's packed Lunch ?

 Q5: What should I put in my child's packed Lunch ?


We encourage children to bring a healthy lunch to school which could include items such as fruit, vegetables, pasta or rice salads, yoghurts.

 We ask that children do not bring nuts to school as some children in school have allergies.

hot drinks and soup is not permitted.

On which day does my child do PE ?

  Q6 :  On which day does my child do PE ? 


Website - We are Curriculum - Subjects - Physical Education 

Tab : How we teach Physical Education (Scroll down to PE days) 


How do I pay for  school meals, trips, events, clubs and other  school activities ?


 Q7 : How do I pay for school meals , trips , events , clubs and other school activities ?



Website :  Click Here

Where do I purchase school uniform ?


Q8: Where do I purchase school uniform ?


                                     Address :     84 Mitcham Road , London SW17 9NG

Website :

Transport and Parking 

Q9: Can I park at the school ?


Unfortunately we do not have any visitor parking at school.

We also operate a  restricted motor vehicle access at school times information here.

Parents are asked to use the streets around school while avoiding the zig zags and parking restrictions. 

Can my child cycle to school ?

Q10: Can my child cycle to school ?


Yes we have Scooter and Bike Racks

What clubs are there ?

Q11: What clubs are there ?


Penwortham Primary offer a lot of enrichment activities for children to get involved in from additional learning opportunities to sports and creative clubs. 

Visit our club page on the website : Here

What if my child has an accicedent at school ?

Q12: What if my child has an accident at school ? 


All Teaching Assistants are first aid trained and can offer reassurance and first aid to pupils who are injured at school.

If the injury is significant we would inform parents and appropriate first aid would be given and of course any serious injury we would involve the medical services as soon as possible. 

Can someone else pick up my child ?

Q13: Can someone else pick up my child ?


If you need someone else to come to school to collect your children please speak to the class teacher in the morning or leave a message with  the office admin team. Each child has a data overview sheet with people who are allowed to collect them. If its not on the data sheet then they will NOT be able to pick up child.