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Year 2 

Rights Respecting Articles in Child Friendly Language

We are only as strong as we are united.

- J.K Rowling

Year 2 is another important yet exciting year in your child’s learning. This year, we strive for more independent learning so every child can be the best they can be. Carefully structured teaching is planned in small steps to ensure all children are able to achieve. Concepts are connected and built upon to ensure learning is embedded. Throughout the year, children will have high quality learning experiences where our WE ARE principles are bought to life. The children will continue to develop their writing skills through a range of high quality engaging texts.

Meet the team

Mrs  Barrett-Mason - Year Group Leader

Miss Birch (Mon-Thur) and Mrs Rowe (Fri)- Class Teacher

Miss Shipsey - Class Teacher

Mrs Garcia, Miss Anastasia and Miss McEwan - Support Staff

What we do and when

Autumn 1 learning overview

Autumn 2 learning overview

Spring 1 learning overview

Spring 2 learning overview

Summer 1 learning overview

Summer 2 learning overview

Our learning

Spring Term

This term in our English lessons we immersed ourselves in the first chapter of THE TEMPEST. Through drama and a soundscape, we collected many powerful words and phrases to describe the storm. We also investigated the characters of Prospero and Miranda. The writing was very descriptive and we created a display outside the Year 2 classrooms. Please come and look when you are next in school.


In science this half term we have been learning about LIVING THINGS AND THEIR HABITATS.  We all enjoyed exploring and comparing the difference between things that are living, dead and never alive - both in the classroom and outside. Once we had agreed on a class definition we then re looked at how we sorted our objects and amended.


In Year 2 this term in geography we have been learning about the wonderful city of Tokyo.  We started our topic by identifying the 7 continents and the oceans of the world. The children had the opportunity to use VR headsets to do this, which they really enjoyed.  In a following lesson we discussed the different climate zones in the world. The child were able to discover that the United Kingdom has a temperate climate, something we share with other countries around the world. The children learned about the Equator an imaginary line that goes around the earth. They then produced great maps showing how different countries climates are affected by their proximity to the Equator.

This term we have been learning all about animals (including humans). Did you know that animals all live for different amounts of time? Did you know that some animals look different from their offspring?   We learnt all about what humans need to survive, grow and  be healthy. Using the ipads, we created an advice sheet to tell Henry (from our English text) what he must eat to stay healthy.

 We went to Holly Lodge in Richmond Park to support our history topic, the Victorians. Using costumes and role-play, we experienced life as a Victorian school child.  We had our nails inspected, had lessons on the 3R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) using slates and had to work in silence! We even took part in a drill!   We were amazed at how strict the teacher was! 

 This term, Year 2 have enjoyed reading some great texts. Our reciprocal reading texts ‘Where does my food come from?’ and an adaptation of ‘The Jungle Book’. The children have really enjoyed reading both texts and it has been great to see them answer questions about both with confidence and insight.

In English we read the Incredible Book Eating Boy which the children really enjoyed. This book about a young boy who eats books rather than reads them enthralled the children and from it we were able to complete some great writing tasks.

First the children wrote a retelling of the story. It was great to see how engaged the children were, and they produced some great pieces of writing.

Autumn Term

One of our texts to inspire our writing this term was the picture book, THE MIDNIGHT FAIR. We wrote the words to the story and then made our own books for our class book shelves. We focused on ensuring all our sentences had accurate capital letters and full stops as well as including commas in a list and interesting ways to start our sentences.  In DT we made hand puppets based on this story and wrote a script for the Midnight Fair so that we could perform the story.

Our year 2 topic is our local area and we spent this half term answering our BIG QUESTION - How fantastic is our local area? Year 2 children are now all experts on our local area, Furzedown. Amongst other things, we have conducted a field study to identify we live in a residential area and that it offers us lots of local services. Further fieldwork also helped us conclude that some of the roads in Furzedown are congested whilst others are very quiet. Most children agreed that the pollution from our congested roads was not good for them and were therefore pleased with the introduction of ULEZ. It was noted though, by many, that the area had lots of fantastic transport links which means they can get to see lots of other parts of London easily. We ended our unit writing an estate agents brochure to see if we had enough positive things to say about Furzedown to encourage other people to move here. Take a look.

We’ve been learning all about digital photography and can now use the ipads effectively to take a brilliant photo. We can also edit our photos to make them look different.  To support our learning we ran a ‘local area’ area photography competition (linking it to our geography unit, our local area). A big thankyou to everyone who entered. We were very impressed with the level of the entries and the fact that you had used the skills we had learnt in lessons to capture the perfect photo. Take a look at the winning and highly commended entries.


We started the year looking at our whole school book – All the wonderful ways to read. Pupils talked about what they loved to read. It might surprise you as to where they love to read!

In English this term, Year 2 have started reading ‘The Little Gardener’. We enjoyed a visit to the Discovery garden to experience a garden and to capture what we can see, hear and smell. Pupils have written a character description of the little gardener and will continue to explore the book further.


WE ARE ARTISTS… the children had the opportunity to create their self-portraits using sketching pencils - a beautiful and insightful process. Through these sketches, children expressed their creativity but also gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

 Last year...

In English last term, Year 2 read the story of Little Red, based on the Fairy Tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We imagined the journey Little Red might take from his cosy inn through the forest to Grandma's cottage and then wrote our own set of instructions to ensure Little Red got there safely. We then planned and wrote our own story, creating a new character who stole Little Red’s coat and ate Grandma. 

During RE in Year 2, we started off thinking about the five pillars of Islam.  We then made our own Islamic art thinking about the beautiful and symmetrical patterns.  Finally, we thought about Ramadan and Eid.  We did lots of drama and role play and we even tried tasting some dates!

2B had their class assembly this term. All the students in 2B worked extremely hard to prepare for the show, and the performance was spectacular. This assembly showcased our learning about an amazing woman from history, Mary Seacole, the major climate zones in geography, and the folds and joins we learned in design and technology.  

As part of our geography topic, Year 2 went to Streatham Common to experience orienteering.  We learnt to use simple compass directions and directional language and had to use the compass to make our way to key landmarks around Streatham Common.

In English, for book week, we focussed on the play script ‘The Tempest.’  We used drama to recreate the storm. We also made a soundscape and wrote descriptions about the setting and some of the characters.  We had lots of fun taking it in turns to be Prospero the wizard controlling the storm!

In science this half term we have been learning about Living Things and Their Habitats.

 We all enjoyed exploring and comparing the difference between things that are living, dead and never alive - both in the classroom and outside.

Previous learning

In DT, we were given a brief by Edwards and Ward to design a healthy pizza for the children of Penwortham Primary School! As part of the design process we tasted a variety of vegetables to understand what the different textures of the vegetables are. We then created a survey and asked the children of Year 1, what they would like to see on a healthy pizza. We then practiced our technical skills; we practiced cutting, peeling, grating and slicing a variety of different vegetables. We then designed and cooked a healthy pizza in our Design Centre.

As part of our history topic, Year 2 went to Holly Lodge to learn all about the life of Victorians and Victorian servants. We spent the day dressed as Victorian servants and learnt about different aspects of Victorian life. First we had to have a nail inspection, just like Victorian children would have had to do. Then we were cooks who spent some time in the kitchen, preparing food and weighing food using Victorian artefacts. We also learnt about how Victorians would have cleaned their clothes, how they would go to the toilet and also have their breakfast. 


In English, we looked at the text Zeraffa Giraffa, and imagined we were Atir travelling from Egypt to Paris. We wrote our own diaries as Atir, thinking about what he would see on his journey and how he might be feeling.

In design and technology, we made Ferris wheels linked with our English text ‘The Midnight Fair.’ To begin with, we explored items that had wheels.  We then looked at how wheels work and how they use an axle to turn. After we designed our Ferris wheel, we then made it in small groups.

In geography, we answered the question - how fantastic is our local area?  We started the topic off with a walk in our local area.  We then looked at different maps of Furzedown and created our own map using cubes to represent buildings and a key. We looked at human and physical features in Furzedown and compared it with Dongola in Sudan which is linked to our English text ‘Zeraffa Giraffa.’ We finished our topic by becoming estate agents and persuading people to live in Furzedown.  We think Furzedown is a fantastic area! 

For Black History month, Year 2 learnt all about Marcus Rashford.

We found him very inspiring both on and off the pitch. We all agreed he deserved his MBE.

Through a fun game of ‘EGG HEADS’ we learnt a lot of facts about Marcus Rashford. We used these facts to create a non-chronological report in our English lessons.

In our Wellbeing sessions, we used Marcus Rashford’s book. We looked at the chapter ‘Bounce back’ and spent time thinking about when we make a MARVELOUS MISTAKE, what we can do.

In Year 2 have been learning all about plants this term. We investigated a variety of bulbs and seeds and learnt all about their life cycle.

We visited the Wellbeing Garden and the planters in the KS1 playground and planted our own bulbs. We hope they will grow over winter and bloom in the spring. We created a bean diary and observed what happened to our seeds as they grew.


 How can you help at home?

  • Spellings practice (see link to the list below)
  • Number bonds tests are done in school every week. Please check your child’s answers and go over any mistakes with them each week
  • Please help your children practice their spellings. For more ideas and activities, please see the Honeycomb Spelling below.

A list of the Key Stage One spelling words can be found here: KS1 Spelling

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