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WE ARE Family Showcases- Food Technology


The ‘Cooking and Nutrition’ unit of Design & Technology teaches invaluable life skills such as developing basic practical skills and techniques that are required to work with and prepare food, the key principles of food hygiene and safety, understanding the sources of food and the responsibility for ethical food sourcing and production.  

During our baking workshop children had the opportunity to read and follow a recipe step by step, learn the names of ingredients and equipment, weigh out wet and dry ingredients, combine the ingredients and talk about the changes that occur when heat is applied. The following technical skills were developed during the morning: 

weigh  measure  cut  mash  beat  mix  melt  sift  stir  bake 

Of course, by the end of the session they also got to taste banana muffins that they had made with their parents! A lovely bonding experience and a yummy treat! 


Our second food technology workshop focussed on our Year 4 children being able to make themselves a healthy and tasty snack. After looking at the recipe and collecting the ingredients, the children began to prepare their Tomato Bruschetta.

The skills they needed included:

weigh, measure, cut, chop, tear, pinch, mix, toast, drizzle, rub 

The children were also introduced to new exciting tastes such as basil, garlic and balsamic vinegar and they were encouraged to think about how they may adapt this recipe in the future. Each family went home with an apron, a ‘kids kitchen knife’ and, hopefully, inspiration to use their new skills.