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Meet the Teachers Slides - July 2019



Welcome to Reception!


The Reception year is incredibly important as it is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It  is  a chance for children to continue their learning through play, develop interests and skills and foster  a love of learning. Children are working towards reading and writing sentences by the end of the year,  and will take away and add in practical ways.  

The Reception Team

In Reception we have three classes. Barn Owls are taught by Miss Granger, Snowy Owls by Mrs Rowe and Miss Berner, and Tawny Owls by Miss Bundy. Our support staff are Ms Adams, Ms Swan and Ms Maher.


Snowy Owls


Barn Owls


Tawny Owls

What we are learning this half term

This half term our topic is Super Stories. We will focus on fantastic texts that excite the children from some of their favourite authors, including Oliver Jeffers, Julia Donaldson and Sue Kendra. Many of the stories feature super characters such as Supertato and Superworm! The stories will be a base for children to start telling their own stories and there will be lots of chances to act out their own stories on our class 'stage.' Please see you curriculum map for the term.  

How you can help at home

Please keep us updated on Tapestry about your learning at home. We love to see photos of what you have been up to and hear about fantastic experiences. We really enjoy seeing you comment on what your child has been learning at school. We will also post phonics videos to show you how you can support with phonics at home.

We encourage you to practise writing in purposeful ways, such as writing diaries over the holidays and writing shopping lists or letters. We have put together the key words covered in Reception on a one page sheet and as a printable resource. Please get your child to practise reading and writing these.

Maths is part of everyday life, so make the most of opportunities to solve problems involving sharing, grouping, adding or taking away. Cooking is a fantastic way to learn about different types of measure. There are also some great activities on ICTgames. CBBC's Numberblocks is a fantastic programme for showing a range of number skills.

Important Dates

  • These will be updated throughout the year.