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Maths Week


Penwortham Maths week 2017

By Rosa Johnson (5M)

Last week, all of Penwortham took part in a range of maths related activities. You guessed it- We’ve just had another successful maths week!

Each year group had a number to focus on and whether the number was in the hundreds, tens or tenths, we all had a great time learning about our numbers.

For any of you thinking, ‘Maths is boring’ think again! A maths magician came to our School and truly brought out the magic in Maths for all of us. Younger years learnt all about 2D shapes and number in balloon form and older years learnt about unimaginable numbers, like google plex with 10,000 zero’s after one 1. Magic!

During the week, everyone was asked to bring in as many pennies as possible and it really paid off! These pennies were brought in to create a temporary feature in the KS2 quiet area- the pathway of pennies! It was certainly very overwhelming to look at.

In class, all children made something as part of maths week to sell at this year Math’s shop. There were biscuits, cards, finger-puppets, bracelets and bookmarks and nearly every single item was purchased with the £1 children brought in.

On Friday, everyone was asked to come into school dressed as a number. It was a really lovely way to finish off our fun- packed maths week.







Here are some pictures of Year One during Maths Week.









 Here are some pictures of Year Four's work during Maths Week.


Here are some pictures of Year Five during Maths Week.


Here are some pictures of Year Six during Maths Week.