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EYFS (Nursery and Reception)

In the Early Years, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and use Development Matters to track children's progress through Nursery and Reception. Most of our assessments are carried out through observation of children's play and we record these on Tapestry (an online learning journal) to keep you updated on their progress.  

The government are introducing a new baseline assessment in September 2020 which will be carried out with all Reception pupils in the first half of the Autumn term. More information on this can be found here. 

At the end of Reception children are assessed against the 17 Early Learning Goals, and you will be provided with information about this at the time. 

Years 1-6

Progress within ARE – Years 1 to 6

Penwortham follows the National Curriculum. The curriculum outlines the ‘End of Year Expectation’, which state the requirements for a learner in order to ensure continued progress from the previous year in line with age-related expectations (ARE). Any gaps identified in learning for the children due to the increased expectations are identified early in the academic year and teaching is structured to ensure that these gaps are quickly and effectively filled.

Assessment and Reporting System

The curriculum is split into year groups. We have called the learning that takes place in each year a ‘band’.  For example, the Year 3 curriculum is assessed in Band 3. Children are continuously assessed to decide what ‘step’ they are working at within a band. Each year group’s expectations are broken into three steps within each step roughly corresponding to a term’s progress.


As children progress through a school year, we track their progress very carefully.

Each half term, teachers use a range of evidence to record the step on which children are working within a band. One of the advantages of the new system is that we have increased clarity about what the children can and cannot yet do: therefore, we can identify how best to support them in moving forward. It also allows the children to learn at a deeper level rather than rushing them through levels and sub-levels that were not so closely linked to their year group’s curriculum.

At our progress evening meetings, you will get the chance to discuss your child’s current attainment, targets and their progress towards end of year expectations.



There are obvious challenges in moving from one National Curriculum to another.  The new curriculum is pitched higher and contains more content.  As a result, not all children will start at ‘B’ for their band.  We have high expectations of our children to rise to this challenge as they progress onto the new curriculum.  We expect that they will demonstrate progress through the steps they make each year as new curriculum content is consolidated and becomes embedded.


As we transition to the new system, we are working hard to fill the gaps from previous bands, all the while ensuring all children are appropriately challenged and well-prepared for their next stage of school.

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