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Summer Term Creative Clubs 

At Penwortham Primary School, children can explore the vibrant world of creativity through its dynamic array of creative and sporting clubs! From art to drama, music to storytelling and cricket to badminton, our students can ignite their imaginations and express themselves in exciting ways, fostering a community where innovation thrives and individuality shines.

Join us on a journey where every child discovers their unique creative and sporting spark.

It is with pleasure that we can offer both school run creative clubs and externally run clubs to pupils
this term.

School Creative Clubs

These will start the week beginning Monday 15th April 2024 

Invited School Clubs

There are clubs running which are invite only and families will be contacted regarding these
and payment can be made when a place is confirmed.

Externally Run Clubs

There are external clubs running this term and these can be booked directly with the companies on
their websites, the details of which are below.



Specialist coaches

Ford Performing Arts - Sing, Dance and Act.

In sharing the skills developed over many years as a West End performer, FPA will foster an environment where our students will flourish and become the best versions of themselves. At FPA, our classes will be a magical introduction to musical theatre and dance - not only enhancing our student’s performance skills, but building their confidence along the way.

Ford Performing Arts is located at Penwortham Primary School offering Musical Theatre and Dance Classes. The standard of teaching will be very high with classes run by trained professionals. The emphasis will be on having fun, building confidence and learning empathy and compassion.

Mark Marshall – Penwortham Girls Football

Mark is a professional footballer playing for teams such as Swindon Town, Barnet, Coventry City, Charlton Athletic and playing currently at Carshalton Athletic.

Bringing the skills and expertise of professional football to the girl’s football team at Penwortham Primary.  Focusing on passing, dribbling, ball skills and more and finally a match each week where Mark can guide pupils to use space and be aware of players around them to really give the team an advantage in matches against other schools.

Katie’s Pilates – Afterschool Club

Katie brings years of experience building up her own Pilates Company to pupils at Penwortham Primary.

With fun and creative activities she teaches pupils fun exercises, stretches, mindfulness and self-affirmation to support and improve wellness, strength and focus.

Caitlin Blogg – Drama Club & Lambda coach

Caitlin is a freelance singing teacher, vocalist and musical theatre performer who brings her expertise to Penwortham teaching pupils all aspects of drama, to produce by the end of the term a show for parents to enjoy.

Working with Ford Performing Arts Caitlin coaches pupils wishing to take LAMBDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exams.


Mini Athletics – Athletics for Primary Pupils

The company take what children love to do the most (running superfast, jumping high and throwing far) and mix it with imaginative themes, learning to follow instructions, making friends and developing gross motor skills. It is the magical combination of imaginative play, sport and burning energy! 

Kaine Hamilton-Mills

Is as a member of Metronomes Steel Orchestra Kaine has been playing steel pans since the age of 7. He is now teaching and arranging music for steel pans and is the double tenors section leader in Metronomes steel band. 



Cooking club has been incredible. Eddie is so interested in cooking now and can cook some really amazing things because he’s taken interest in what I’m doing at home

My daughter finds pottery class really enjoyable. It helps her to unwind after the school day. It definitely has therapeutic benefits!

Confidence, it has helped Travis want to draw and be more expressive. He was very shy to draw and paint and craft things. Now he runs out of class with something he has made or drawn!! Excellent - we need more!