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Article 28: We have the right to an education. 

At Penwortham attendance is very important to make sure that every child reaches their full potential not only academically but also socially and emotionally.


School Target



Above 98%


Above 96.4%

Our school Attendance team consists of Clair Varrow (admin team), Litsa Anderson (Deputy Head) and Steven Britton (Education Welfare Officer). All pupils’ attendance and punctuality is monitored by the school’s designated Education Welfare Officer. Any child who attends school less than 90% of the time, is considered to be a Persistent Absentee and a referral to Educational Welfare will be made for them.


Attendance News for Academic Year 2018/2019 

Last year our Education Welfare Officer (EWO) set the ambitious target of 96.3% for attendance; we are delighted to report that not only do we meet the target – we surpassed it with an overall attendance of 96.4%! There was a whole school attendance celebration on the last day of term to acknowledge the contribution that every pupil had made to the record breaking year.  We also had a record number of 58 pupils achieve 100% attendance throughout the year which is incredible.  They celebrated that achievement at a special garden party with Mrs Andrews in the final week of school.


Absences in Term Time

Parents do not have a right to take their child(ren) out of school for holidays during term time. Holidays during term time are not allowed and will be classified as unauthorised, therefore please do not use this form for holiday requests.

In exceptional circumstances Parents/Carers wishing to apply for their child(ren) to have leave from school during term time should complete the Application for leave of Absence in Exceptional Circumstance form and return it to school well in advance of the proposed leave. 


 Important information – please read this section before completing the form further

All requests for absence are treated sympathetically and only in exceptional circumstances will they be approved. The policy of Wandsworth council, to which we have agreed, states that parents who take their child out of school during term time, without the authority of the Headteacher, may receive a Penalty Notice. Penalty Fines will be issued by the Local Authority.

Each parent is liable to receive the Penalty Fine for each child who incurs unauthorised absence in these circumstances.


More information can be found in our Attendance Policy

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