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Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible. 

Maryann F Kohl


To foster a love of art and showcase talents, thus increasing self-esteem and confidence in all areas of children's lives.

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What do the children learn and when?

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How do we teach art?

At Penwortham art is underpinned by four key principles: inspire, experiment, create and reflect,

In art children are inspired through exposure to a diverse range of artists, craftspeople, architects and designers. Through cross curricular learning, they are given time and space to engage with different artists.   The children are encouraged to develop relevant skills, creativity and to use the physical world to stimulate their creative minds and vision. 

Children will learn how to produce creative work, explore ideas and record experiences. They will revisit and refine the strands of drawing, painting, sculpture and other key skills with a focus on achieving mastery.  The Art and Design curriculum seeks to build knowledge upon knowledge and skills upon skills with sequenced progression through the school. 

Children are given opportunities to create their final piece of artwork inspired by an artist they have studied.  Knowledge and skills that have been experimented with and developed will be applied to the final piece of artwork.  They will have an awareness of great artists, craft makers and designers and draw upon this whilst creating their own works. 

Children will be able to confidently evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design. Through their self reflection they talk to a peer or teacher about their artwork and share what they have enjoyed during the process and what they like about their finished piece of work. 


To further deepen and expand the learning, children have access to a range of texts that complement art topics and support the art curriculum; examples include: picture books, stories and non fiction to support learning within our art curriculum. 

Art student leaders work closely with teachers to ensure learning is relevant, engaging and aspirational at Penwortham. They have regular meetings with teaching staff to review our art curriculum and suggest possible improvements. 

Our learning

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Year 6 also worked alongside the award-winning illustrator and reportage artist George Butler to create their powerful Stories of War exhibition.  Please click the image below to view. 

All your letters , which I read top to bottom were eloquent and thoughtful. It was inspiring for me to think that other people connect with drawing the way I do!

George Butler

Arts Week at Penwortham


What children say about art at Penwortham

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Do not fear mistakes- there are none.

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